My favourite blogs about illustration


I decided to share a little compilation of my favourite blogs about illustration, where I have found interesting articles which helped and continue helping me as an illustrator. I’m very grateful to all the people responsable for them and I hope that I can also help others who may come here and discover them.

I dedicate the first group of blogs to the Spanish illustrators Carla Berrocal, Marián Lario, Diana Toledano and Io Bru, that last one is the owner and director of ‘Illustrando Dudas’, a very valuable reference for illustration in Spanish. All of them, great professionals, reflect their passion and knowledge for art and illustration on their sites, where they share valuable info about this creative world.

The second blog group is a list of very relevant sites about art, design and illustration, where huge international professionals write and show their work. They are perfect to dive into them without stopping discovering useful and interesting content.

Runed by Neil Swaab and Don Arday. These two sites are full of resources for the illustration degree, focused on students or those who want to start in this business, they are also useful for more experienced illustrators.

Giuseppe Castellano, prize winning designer, illustrator and art director, has one of the most interesting sites, his blog is full of valuable info and advices for creative people.

Román Belmonte, teacher and a children’s and young literature passionate person, runs one of the most interesting blogs about children’s books, where you can find great articles about this speciality.

Frannerd is a very funny blogger and popular youtuber who shows very elaborate videos where she shares work processes, tips and opinions in a very nice and generous way. Some of her topics are related to how to sell illustrations online because she owns a success online shop on Etsy.

I could not forget the blog of APIM, the Madrid Professional Illustrator Association, where you can find several articles about financial subject, surveys, tips and other topics related to the profession of illustrator.

Finally , the blog of the great illustrator Magoz. With a fantastic newsletter service which is active weekly, sharing the best content you can find about design and illustration.


Well, this is my little blog list, I’m sure there are many more and very interesting. But these are my favourites and the ones I follow.

I hope these could be useful for those who come over here discovering them thanks to my humble contribution. Obviously, I’d thank it if anyone could help to extend the list. Everybody is free to do it if they fancy!