The Colours of Iceland


I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland in December and discover this amazing land.  I went very well accompanied and it was one of the best trips of my life.

Besides being an outstanding trip in which I discovered unique landscapes, it was also a pleasure for my senses, especially to my sight. We all know that pictures do not do justice to experiencing in person the wonders of nature, but I find them useful to remember what I wanted to simply name as ‘The Colours of Iceland’.

Iceland; land of contrasts, of fire and ice, does not stop giving a spectacle of colourful scenery to the traveller. As I visited it in winter and being so North, there are few hours of natural light and the sun keeps near to the line of horizon, for what I could say that it seems that dawn is rising for more than two hours and dusk falling for another two or more, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset without knowing when one starts and the other finishes!

Well, that said, I share a selection of some pictures as documentation to remember the experience of the colours, harmonies, contrasts and emotions that I found. As well complete some watercolour exercises to try to check in what way the colours and harmonies that I like so much could be useful. They already exist and some of them are very popular contrasts, but enjoy them in such a sublime environment was what really fascinated me.











This is my little selection, I hope it can be interesting. What I do now is just store these colour ranges and use them in future illustrations or any other project. Of course, I think it is possible go further by taking these pictures as reference.

I would like to conclude this article recommending the visit to Iceland.

The landscapes and nature of that Island are outstanding!