Sketchbook. Tintoretto and more (Venice)

I wanted to share some sketches I made during my stay in Venice in 2015. There are drawings made at the ‘Galleria dell’Accademia di Belle Arti’, the ‘Scuola grande di San Rocco’ and the ‘Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna Ca’ Pesaro’. I show two pages which represent ‘San Marco libera uno schiavo’ by Tintoretto and ‘Convito[…]


The Colours of Iceland

  I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland in December and discover this amazing land.  I went very well accompanied and it was one of the best trips of my life. Besides being an outstanding trip in which I discovered unique landscapes, it was also a pleasure for my senses, especially to my sight.[…]


Illustration’s events during May 2017. (The AOI)

May was an exciting and at the same time, sad month. As I live in Manchester, I was very close to the attacks on 22th May, which deeply affected lots of us, but we saw the spirit of this city with its reaction of solidarity. From here I would like to show my support for[…]


My favourite blogs about illustration

I decided to share a little compilation of my favourite blogs about illustration, where I have found interesting articles which helped and continue helping me as an illustrator. I’m very grateful to all the people responsable for them and I hope that I can also help others who may come here and discover them.  […]


Blog’s presentation

Hello and welcome to my blog! After leaving my old 2007 blog www.artejero.blogspot.com I have returned with a brand new website.  The new and updated blog is dedicated to sharing my likes, interests, authors, tools and skills, working processes plus any other news related to arts, culture and illustration.  I hope it proves useful to[…]